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Welioya Housing Development Project

As advised by the President, His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakshe, Welioya Sustainable Housing Development Project was inaugurated on July 29, 2012 to facilitate needs of the resettled community. Under the first phase of the project, 500 New Houses were constructed in Helambawewa, Kalyanapura-I, Kalyanapura-III, Monerawewa and Gajabapura villages in Welioya Divisional Secretariat area. Under the Second phase of the project, 357 houses are being built in Janakapura, Kiriibbanwewa, Ethawetunuwewa, Nikawewa-South, New Gajabapura and Ehetugaswewa villages.

This project, which has been undertaken as a joint activity of the Ministry of Resettlement, Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management and Ministry of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities provides a new experience in Sri Lanka's rural development drive. In addition to the houses that are being built, infrastructure facilities, such as Roads, Electricity, Irrigation, Transport, Schools are also being developed and emerging development could be positively seen in the area. Further, in addition to making available much needed physical infrastructure, other facilities required such as, a 'Meheniyaramaya' has also been built to cater to the spiritual and religious needs of villagers. Also, required community infrastructure, such as pre-schools, community centre, common dug wells, internal roads have also been provided for the benefit of these villagers.

The active cooperation of District Secretariat, Anuradhapura, District Secretariat, Mullaitive, National Housing Development Authority, Sri Lanka Mahaweli Authority, Divisional Secretariat, Welioya, Sri Lanka Army and Civil Defence Force have been received in this challenging endeavour. The full cost of painting of 82 houses in Gajabapura villages was met by the Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation, as one of its corporate social responsibility initiatives. The provision of a consignment of paints by Causeway Paints Lanka Ltd to paint completed houses is also appreciated.

The Ministry of Resettlement alone spent a sum of Rs. 276.0 million on this housing project and related development work in the area. This is yet an another occasion, where the commitment of the government as expressed in the 'Mahinda Chintana - Way Forward' put into practice in making available permanent housing solutions to those displaced and subsequently resettled.


Subjects Cost (Rs.Million)
01 Construction of 500 new houses under the First Phase.
02 Construction of new 'Meheniyaramaya'
03 Construction of Children's Playground
04 Construction of 03 Agro Wells
05 Construction of 108 toilets
06 Construction of a Common Hall
07 Construction of 357 new houses under the Second Phase.