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Development of a model village in Kepapilavu in mullaitivu was inaugurated by Hon. Gunaratne Weerakoon,Former Minister of Resettlement on November 02, 2012.

165 families from the Kepapilavu Village, who were housed at the Menikfarm Relief Village in Vavuniya, could not be resettled in their land due to their land in the village being required for the Security Force Headquarters in Mullaitivu. Therefore, action was taken by the Ministry of Resettlement in collaboration with the District Secretary, Mullaitivu and Security Force Headquarters in Mullaitivu to develop a new model village in Seeniamottei, in close proximity to the original Kepapilavu village to relocate the affected families.

Under this relocation project, houses for 165 families will be constructed in two stages. Apart from houses, 05 common Dug wells, 10 Tube wells, 165 Toilets, a Community Centre, a Pre School, 10 Km of Internal roads will also be constructed at a total of Rs. 111.5 Mn. The Sri Lanka Army in Mullaitivu is in the forefront in constructing these houses and other amenities.

The first phase of the new model village in Kepapilavu in Mullaitivu District was opened by Hon. Gunaratne Weerakoon, Minister of Resettlement. on March 16, 2013, in the presence of Hon. Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan, Deputy Minister of Resettlement.Under the second stage of the project 101 houses were constructed and handed over to beneficiary families in March 2014

List of Beneficiaries in Keppapilavu Housing Project - Mullaitivu District

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Action Plan for this Project of 2013

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Cost of Kepapillavu Village

Total Expenditure up to now (16.03.2013)

No Description Amount (Rs.) Status
1 Pre School Teachers salary 120,000.00 Paid
2 Cost of constructing 50 Houses 18,750,000.00 Completed
3 Internal Path 1,110,000.00 In Progress
4 Leveling 939,000.00 Completed
5 Tube well & Dug well 7,594,760.00 Completed
6 Jungle Clearing 640,000.00 Completed
7 Construction of 106 houses 6,400,000.00 In Progress
Total Cost 35,553,760.00

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